Spray Tanning Houston, TX

Everyday Glow

The Tans

Fully Committed

  • This is for the ones that are all in and can stand the test of time. Our traditional solution that you warm water rinse 12 hours minimum or fully developed of 24.
  • Don't have the rinse time during the day? This is for you!

Non Committal Babe

  • Who has time for the traditional 12-24 rinse when you can get rid of that bronzer in just 3 hours? Same beautifully bronzed results with less time to commit

Island Babe

  • Add an island glow with a deep, just off the beach, color

Toasty Babe

  • Whether you are a gym babe, getting ready to jet set on a beach vacation, or sweating through the Houston heat, this is for you!
  • The spray tan won't sweat off! Toasty Babe boasts a unique formulation that allows perspiration to pass through the tan instead of taking it off.

Toned Babe

  • Meet your new secret weapon against orange peel skin.
  • This game changing treatment tightens skin and attacks cellulite, leaving you with a smoother, firmer complexion.

Forever Young

  • Slow down the clock with our anti aging formula that aids in both prevention and reduction of skin aging process.
  • This solution will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fight future signs of aging leaving you with plump, radiant and youthful skin.

Hydrated Babe

  • Moisturize and keep skin hydrated with our infused CBD serum.
  • Common skin conditions can effect a spray tan negatively. Fight the odds and achieve a quality spray tan with this skin soother.
  • Ideal for: Joint & muscle pain, Dry or acne prone, Redness or rosacea, Eczema or psoriasis

Bronzed Squad Party (5+ Guests)

$65 / person* (Host Bronzes for Free)
  • Includes: Custom Color Consultation, pH Balancing Spray, Moisture Lock Finishing Spray, Custom Color Bronzed Tan.
  • Retail and eXmitt available for purchase (*Bronzed Lux option: Within a 7 mile radius).


$10 off
  • any custom bronze

Saturslay Bestie

1/2 off
  • custom bronze with your bestie with sips of wine or bubbles!

pH Balance Spray:
A special extract helps adjust the skin’s pH level that enhances the DHA reaction to achieve a golden tan. This add-on is included in all tans.

Moisture Lock:
This add-on helps seal in the tan with special firming agents that also keep your skin hydrated. This add-on is included in all tans except The Olympian Tan.

Want Us To Come To You?!

Mobile Bronzed Lux

  • Bronzed Lux (one-hour) spray tans – 3 hours before rinse / 24 hour develop.
  • Must be within 10 miles of 2015 West Gray

Bridal Spray Tans

Dress fittings are an unavoidable part of the big day; shouldn’t your skin get the same attention? At Bronzed Bungalow, we’ll ensure that you look like a bronzed goddess on your special day. We recommend at least two or three spray tans ’fittings’ where we will provide tips on skincare, exfoliation and moisturizing to help you look your best all the way through your honeymoon.

Something Old

  • Two spray tan sessions prior to the wedding.

Something New

  • Two spray tan sessions and a Can Tan to help prevent your tan from fading between appointments and keep you bronzed on your honeymoon.

Something Blue

  • Three spray tan sessions for the bride-to-be.
  • Recommended events: Bridal Portrait, Bachelorette Party, and prior to your Wedding Day.

Bridal Parties

Host your own tanning party with us! Minimum of 5 guests. The hostess will receive a complimentary spray tan of his/her choice.


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